EvoWars .io is an evolutionary concept-based multiplayer survival io game.

Welcome to the great Deathmatch or EvoWars.io arena! Every match you start off as a simple caveman. With each level, your character grows and changes skin and weapons! It is an evolution. Remember, the bigger you are, the slower you are! You can easily hunt smaller opponents but they are faster than you, so be careful not to miss them on the first try as you may be out of luck for the others!

  • Move your mouse to move your character.
  • Left mouse button to attack
  • Right mouse button to speed up (user experience)

  Remember that formidable makes it easier for you to destroy an opponent, but it also slows you down. Little heroes are fast and can be deadly for the big ones!

  If you are still young, try to focus on the collected orbs or kill the opponent quickly with increased speed.

  If you have grown up, try not to miss any attacks, otherwise, small enemies can appear by your side very quickly.

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