Bois .io is a 2D survival shooter with upgrades. Take a plane thousands of meters above the arena. Jump as soon as you are ready and go to the blue block. Although the game map is huge, the blue cube is the only area where the game will actually take place. Use your wits to survive in this online multiplayer arena game. Players will compete against each other in a knockout tournament. You'll climb higher in the leaderboards with more opposing players than you can take out before the fickle finger of fate finds you! Collect items that you can use in your game for the benefit of the opposing player. Some of these items have a long range, some are single use, and some are protective items. You'll be able to carry up to six different items at a time, as well as pick up supplies to upgrade or restart them when you need playtime. Your victory depends on your ability to find and eliminate enemy players before they can find you and eliminate you. You will be encouraged to use experienced strategies and beat the best sports for running, playing and living with other players!

  • W, A, S, D or Arrow Pad is how you move around in the game.
  • Please use your mouse to target the grid and change your view.
  • You will use the left mouse button to attack.
  • You can select a new item with the number buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6.
  • Press F to select an item.

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