The Spear Stickman


The Spear Stickman is a fast-paced stick game that features violent spear throwing combat. You control a stickman armed only with a spear, and your mission is to destroy the other stickmen who appear at random on various platforms and try to kill you. You must use your mouse to change the trajectory of your shot and shoot rapidly in order to defeat your opponent!

More shots are needed depending on where you target the stickmen on their body - a head shot, for example, is an instant kill, while a shot to the leg would need many arrows to kill the opponent, so shoot carefully. When you destroy more stickmen, you earn apple coins, which you can use in the store to purchase upgrades like a metal helmet or even a Marion-style mushroom helmet! How long will you live and how many stickmen will you annihilate?

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Control: Drag the left mouse button to point, then release it to fire.

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