Vex 5

Vex 5 is the Vex series' fifth platform game. Each level is a maze of lethal traps and gadgets. To get to the end, you must outsmart these barriers. In this fifth installment, you can expect some of the most difficult challenges yet.

 ControlW or up arrow to leap, S or down arrow to crouch, AD or left/right arrow to move, W or up arrow to jump (enter an act)

Tips: To complete a Vex 5 level, you must learn to tolerate failure. Because you'll be decapitated by spikes and spinning blades on a regular basis. You learn how to master the level through this harrowing experience. Then you're taken to the next level to repeat the process. Everything works in Vex according to a pattern. It is prudent to wait and observe. Take your time and work your way through the difficult obstacles.

Levels of Excellence: There are ten regular acts to complete. It gets trickier, as you would expect. The maze becomes more complicated, and the traps become more difficult.

Room of Challenges: Vex 5's standard game mode consists of ten stages. However, there is a completely new game mode. The challenge room is a 30-level, timed marathon of fatal puzzles. There's a clock and a death count. If you start over, the order will be different, putting your instincts to the test.

Achievements: Vex 5 provides you with a virtual trophy cabinet that includes four different performance categories. You will win cool trophies for performing an act flawlessly and without dying too many times. Then there are victories for Hardcore gamers. There are hidden stars strewn about each level as part of these successes.


- Gameplay that is both challenging and addictive.
- There are a lot of levels to work out.
- Trophies will be awarded to you as you make progress.
- Your talents will be put to the test in the new challenge mode.

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