Chaos Faction 2

Chaos Faction 2 is the sequel to Chaos Faction, a fast-paced, brutal arena battle game!


Single Player:

- Use left and right arrowkeys to move
- Up arrowkey to jump
- Down arrowkey to shield
D key to drop weapon
- Z and X to attack
- H2H/Weapons: Shift
- Space to pause
- T to taunt

Two player

Keyboard 1:
- Use , and / keys to move
- L key to jump
- . to shield
-  D key to drop weapon
Z and X to attack
H2H/Weapons: Shift
Space to pause
T to taunt

Keyboard 2:
- Use 4 and6 keys to move
- 8 key to jump
- 5 key to shield
- Right arrow key to drop weapon
- Left and right arrowkeys to attack
H2H/Weapons: O key
Space to pause
Up arrow to taunt

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