MineStrike.fun is an entertaining Minecraft-style game. Eat cakes, biscuits, fried seafood, and everything else you can find to increase in size when you're young, just don't eat poisonous potatoes because it decreases your experience and makes you bigger!



- Strike - use the left mouse button
- Accelerate - right mouse button

 Attack weaker enemies to increase the odds of success. You can defend yourself by actually running away from big opponents so that they do not destroy you with a single swat of their powerful sword, or you can donate your expertise to the opponent. However, you would not be able to run for an extended period of time and running reduces your experience.

There are only 15 levels in the game:

1. Steve wielding a wooden sword

2. A bee holding a sunflower

3. A pumpkin on a stick

4. Use a fishing rod to catch trout.

5. An ocelot wielding a stone sword

6. A pig wielding a pickaxe made of stone

7. Iron shovel-wielding zombies

8. Skeleton with a bone

9. Creeper wielding an iron pickaxe

10. a drowning man wielding a trident

11. Enderman wielding a diamond blade

12. A zombie pigman wielding a golden blade

13. Use a flame rod to blaze.

14. A witch wielding an enchanted diamond blade

15. Herobrine nanosable

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