In this strategy io game, is the ultimate combat between bosses. What happens when armies of monsters collide with a never-ending boss battle? is a reality! In Boss Fights, you will be confronted with wave after wave of opponents, each with their own distinct brand and style of play. You must kill them before moving on to the next wave of enemies. Each subsequent wave gets more difficult, but still adds more points to your overall score. Your aim is to score higher than anybody else on the server, so you must destroy, sustain, and live!!!


- Use WASD to move,
- G key to drop item
- T key to pick up item
- B key to buy item
- P key to craft item
- L key to level up item
- K key to kill yourself

   In Boss Battles, you can find and hold a range of weapons, as well as craft them. It all depends on what you come across, where you come across it, and how you want to play. - firearm has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to focus about your end target and fighting style.

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