MineRoyale.io is a multiplayer battle royale game that features Minecraft-inspired graphics. The player can mine different materials and craft them into new instruments in the game. The danger zone, as in most Battle Royale games, is continually diminishing, so be cautious! Ascertain if you have enough equipment to defeat the other teams. Get some fun!


—To pass, use WASD.
—To move objects, use numbers, scroll, or click your inventory.
—To build, press E key.
—To sneak, press SHIFT.
—Hold the left mouse button down to smash blocks with your pickaxe.
—Use the left mouse button to put bricks, fire arrows, and reach players.
—Use the left mouse button to throw TNT and the right mouse button to detonate it.
—Use the left mouse button to drink stew and recover.
—Drag inventory products around to change their locations.


—TNTs capable of massively destroying blocks 
—2D graphics with a top-down perspective

    Any player starts with the same resources and is placed at random on the big, square map. When time passes, a lethal forcefield starts to close in on the map's middle. To have a chance of winning the game, you must gather resources and plan to battle other teams. You can meet enemy players as the middle of the forcefield becomes very thin. The player with the best TNT and bow shooting skills will most likely win!

When you look around, you will find that not everyone is available. Your phone has some dark spots. This are the zones that are enclosed by bricks. You must begin mining in these areas to see what is available. You won't be able to see a tunnel on the other side of a stone until you mine through it.

The forcefield stands still for 60 seconds, then closes in for 60 seconds, and so on until just a tiny circle remains at the middle. It is safe to stop the forcefield because it slowly harms you. The red area on the minimap represents the actual location of the forcefield, and the black circle represents the location to which the forcefield will shrink next.

Mineshafts are the game's only source of wood. On the minimap, they appear as small, black lines. Early in the game, you should make it a priority to visit a mineshaft and gather wood.

To be competitive in this game, you must create better equipment, guns, and armour. Some items, such as arrows, TNT, and stew, can be crafted an unlimited number of times. Other items, such as armor and tools, only need to be made once to be available for the rest of the game. To create new tools and objects, you must first gather the necessary materials.

When crafting tools, knives, and armor, you must do so one step at a time. For eg, before you can make an iron sword, you must first make a stone sword.

Mining and Tools
Your mining pace will improve as you craft better pickaxes. Certain ores, such as gold and diamond, cannot be mined with wood or stone pickaxes, so you must upgrade your pickaxe to mine them.

Armor and Weapons
Armor can limit the amount of damage you receive from enemies, such as sword, arrow, and TNT damage. Diamond armor is very heavy, so collecting diamonds and crafting it is beneficial! Better swords can do significantly more harm to players. An vulnerable player can be easily killed by a diamond dagger.

TNT has the ability to crack blocks and inflict significant damage on adjacent players. TNT can be thrown by left-clicking. It will burst if it collides with a wall and stays there for a brief period of time. By right clicking, you can even detonate the farthest piece of TNT that you threw. This is extremely helpful if you are attempting to destroy a player. Simply right-click several times to detonate all of your undetonated TNT.

By pressing SHIFT, you can sneak. Although you are not sneaking, your name is clear to all surrounding teams, even through doors, even if you are not sneaking. Sneaking will cause you to drive more slowly. It's good for avoiding argument or sneaking up on others.


Begin the game by gathering stone and forging a stone pickaxe, which will allow you to mine faster. After that, proceed to the nearest mineshaft to obtain wood. After you've accumulated a sufficient supply of timber, begin digging all ores and gathering all mushrooms you come across. Having a lot of money will help you train for battles later on. Keep an eye on the forcefield in the minimap and begin moving towards the middle. Spending all of your money on a single opponent would leave you unprepared for what comes next.

When the forcefield has closed in well enough, find a place to hide near the top, then pop out and strike when the remaining opponents arrive. When there are only a few players left, use your TNT to knock down blocks and free up a space for your enemies to strike. To deal the most harm, throw TNT and detonate it when it is very close to your opponents. After that, fire a slew of bows. You would be able to destroy your enemies and become the #1 Miner if you have good aim and timing.

   MineRoyale.io is a two-dimensional Minecraft Battle Royale io game. Before the forcefield shrinks, mine iron, gold, and diamonds to craft armour and weapons! Fight against other players with TNT, bows, and your sword to become the best miner!

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