GooseGame-io is a recent io multiplayer game. Unruly geese had irritated the farmer by taking his belongings and bothering him during his everyday duties, so he had little choice but to confine them all in an enclosure. Naturally, the geese focused their attention on one another, and their lives have now become a relentless struggle for survival.

Since there isn't enough food for everyone, just some of the animals can eat enough to grow larger and bigger than others. Will you outwit your rivals and become the server's most vicious goose?



- Use the mouse to control the speed of the action.
- To attack, use the left mouse button. 
- To sprint, use the right mouse button.

  This game is about geese. You are in charge of a goose and must rule the arena by expanding the body and eliminating other geese! If you like this type of game, you can also look into and .

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