CrazyGalaxies-io is a clever and intriguing online io game in which you must try to build a massive neon trail for your futuristic motorbike – this game mixes aspects of the retro and classic snake games as well as themes from the Tron film. If you travel across the world, your colored trail grows in size – you must try to stop other players when increasing your trail.

Using the left-click mouse button or the space bar to perform a speed boost – use this speed boost and attempt and circumvent and encircle the enemies! You must avoid colliding with your own bike path, and in order to kill an opponent, you must encircle them and force them to collide with your own trail.



— Use WASD to move 
— To accelerate, use the space bar or the left mouse button.


— Use neon lighting 
— Simple to learn gaming 
— On the map, you can see where the opponent is 
— The track cannot be erased, but you must stop it at all costs.

   CrazyGalaxies io is a modern io game in which you can not only live inside a galaxy, but you can even be the galaxy. You should consume other galaxies in order to become bigger and conquer the whole universe! Why dread the vacuum because you can become it? You'll be charged with traveling into the vacuum and being the void in this cosmic adventure. Attempt to accumulate mass by sucking up asteroids and smaller celestial bodies. Make use of your mass to become more strong. Any piece of cosmic debris or celestial body you consume has a different impact. The impact of an asteroid vary from those of a star. The more you feed, the more powerful you become, and the more powerful you become, the more possible it is that you can trigger the big bang. This would happen until all of the players have devoured all of the nearby star systems. Furthermore, this is an arena event. If you survive, you win; if you die, you forfeit. It is just, but it is also unfair.

  Select the galaxy. As well as dragging. To accelerate, press the "room" key! Consume red asteroids to gain the "speed up" ability. Eat stars to get bigger. It'e a "battle royale." You cannot re-enter if you die! Consume both galaxies to see the "Big Bang"!

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