The Lands of Eldyn is an online hack-and-slash adventure title. Set out on your next adventure and fight for your life!


WASD for movement 
Number keys for object selection 
Left and right mouse buttons for attack
ESC to open menu

   Eldyn is a free online multiplayer game. In this free-to-play MMO, you'll enter a dark world riddled with medieval-style hack and slash action. Can you have what it takes to improve your skills and confront the dark empire? Can you amass the weapons, objects, knowledge, and skills required to conquer the world? Prove it in this amusing game. Defeat the opponents to win more valor; more valor equals more soma; and soma equals the chance to unleash new abilities. But be wary: the more valor a vanquished enemy has, the more valor you receive, and as your valor grows, so does the bounty on your back. It's a perilous balancing act in which you must think creatively when acting tactically. In this thrilling MMO game, prove to the old gods of Eldyn that you are a power to be reckoned with.

Start with a spear, rations, and a buckler and work your way up to unlock more powerful items that will give you a strategic advantage over your enemies. Conquer Eldyn's territories, and you'll be awarded with extra valor with each kill, as well as the region's allegiance.

It is recommended that you adjust the key mappings in the menu to make it easy to activate other features based on your playstyle. Up to ten players can form a team by checking the private faction checkbox; factions are required to conquer Eldyn. There are no sign-ups needed, and you will be joined as an anonymous 'Wanderer.' But, as a Wanderer, none of your progress will be saved, so it is suggested that you sign up to save your progress.

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