Call of War: World War 2

What if World War II didn't end up the way we recall it? History is not set in stone, and everything is possible during battle. You will take on the part of a nation during World War II in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game. You will play as either the Axis or the Allied forces. Your decisions on infantry placements, threats, tank and armor forms, as well as what you spend in your navy and air force, may totally reshape the trajectory of human history. Conquest, though, does not always come at the point of a rifle. In Call of War, you will be able to not only conquer provinces but also form alliances with other players to create your own economy. Call of War is mainly a resource management game. As a result, you'll be pouring time and resources into researching hidden bombs that could put the war to an end.


   Become the one and only real superpower! Change history and reshape the world with your own gnarled picture! To access the game's multiple menus, just use your mouse. Each menu contains drop down options from which you can select different guns, units, upgrades, and other tools. Use your mouse to pick and switch units on the battlefield, and use your mouse to select where and what kind of bunker you want to create. It is up to you to determine the world's future!

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