Fisp-space-pokagame  is an iogame that is available for download. This is the true rainbow arena. There are sparkling balls of pure energy scattered across the map, and all you have to do is gather as much as you can to grow large and destroy your foes. The aim of this game is to be the biggest fidget spinner in the world. Through steadily eating the candy-colored orbs, you become the greatest fidget spinner, but be careful! The arena is teeming with enemies eager to slam into you and drain your orb energy. If you get hit by enough of them, and they hit you hard enough, you'll lose all of your candy-colored spheres and be disqualified from the arena in embarrassment. Will you be able to collect, expand, and dominate, or will you be the runt of the litter? The decision is yours to make, and you may forge it with your iron will.

 Control: Direct the fidget spinner with your mouse.

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