Kugeln.io is a two-dimensional multiplayer shooter io game with power-ups. You must battle to the death on different maps with up to 8 other players.

  Control: To leap, use A/D and space to control your character. You will use the mouse to shoot. Shoot with the left mouse button and throw a grapnel with the right. To use a machine gun, press E while you are close to it. To reload your pistol, you must locate it on the map and pick it up again. And note to keep an eye on your fitness!

There are three game modes to choose from:

Game to the Death

Fight against the other players on the map. You win if you have the highest ranking.

Deathmatch for Teams

There are two teams (red and blue) who play against each other. Don't threaten to murder your teammates! The winning team is the one with the highest ranking!

Take the Flag

Similar to Team Death Match, except you must carry your opponent's flag to your own in order to win it. The team with the most captures wins!

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