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MooMoo io is a brand new io survival and building game. This is a foraging game with action gameplay like trying to be the best survivor. As in most .io games, the objective is to level up by gathering resources. Build your farm to generate points. You must protect your farm from other players. Rise through the ages to unlock new items. Wish you all have fun playing MooMoo io Free Play with POKA!

Platforms: Web browser (desktop and mobile)


- WASD key/Arrow keys to move
- 1 to 9 keys or left click to select an item / building
- Left click or Space bar to collect resources / hit other players
- E: Auto attack
- Q: Quickly select food
- X:  Lock rotation
- R: ping minimum
- C: add map marker
- Enter to chat

How to play  on MOOMOO Online:

   To gather resources in MooMooio, you have to get on trees, rocks and bushes. You can also attack other players. Once you have gathered enough resources, you can build buildings and objects to create points and protect your farm.

POKA's Advice:  "Spam by pressing Q then Click or Press SPACEBAR to heal and remember. Don’t hack!"

  • An interesting concept between resource gathering and construction
  • Wild animal
  • A character can be upgraded with better items
  • Party system
MooMoo io Strategies

  •  This is a list of the main strategies of MooMoo .io. There are no perfect strategies or techniques, but learning these basic steps can help you get started. Feel free to add yours to this list! This year's tips are updated, add more if you want.
  • When a Bull, Hooligan, or Wolf is chasing you, set a trap out of the pit (if you have one) and then set aside the spikelets. The thorns will quickly damage the Bull's health and kill him.
  • When assembling an AFK, use a windmill cap. When you return, you have either a lot of points (gold) or the main menu.
  • Beware of Bush Campers! Even their names are invisible.
  • The fastest way to go is to use a large ax or dagger or a mcgrabby, an amp cap and a monkey tail (you can also use expensive shadow wings). With this combo you can get ahead of all animals (muffs).
  • Use the pit trap and spikes to kill hackers or make a tower hat and a bull helmet in a musket spear combo.
  • Mine 2 or even 3 resources at once to age and get more resources - FIND A FARM With all three resources if you have one or make one if you use a clone.
  • Use the killer device to hide from other players, but be careful not to eat-treat with the killer's hat.
  • Use the ranger's hat to ensure escape from the players while running on the rivers.
  • Create a base from a gold mine and put on the aforementioned windmill cap with daggers, an ax or a stick and make your way to the leaders. Although it will make you very vulnerable to insta, killing a pike in a trap or a simple spawning bridge.
  • Try to learn the stick method and quickly kill enemies using a soldier's hat and a monkey's tail with a spike and a hole.
  • If you find a player who will feed the turrets, then ask him to feed and choose a spear for Instagram.
  • There are different types of instakill methods, which require a high rate of finger change, so it is best to do without finger switching methods - the next katana pike with a bull's rudder (and / or turret cap), spear pike with a bull's rudder, mainly with a pad for reinforcement and / or turret, 2 turrets with a Turkish cap and a musket at the same time all the fire (a little hard, try to hit them on the spikes, and then hit.
  • Hackers can be powerful, but they heal a little, fire, and a spike trap is needed to kill em. Insta works, but they heal too quickly. so a novice hacker is the only hacker who will die using insta! (Pit Spike can easily kill hackers!
  • The shield is very good as it can protect you from insta, showering, shower and or both of the team's attacks and protect your team and / or kill the hacker if you can push them to the spike in the pit trap with the shield.
  • In 2020, there is a golden mistake that can be made easily (preferably if they are equipped)! Make a clone and let him get some gold, then surround him with spikelets, kill him, then do the same with the clone and do it several times (thief transfer offers more), and soon you can score a cheese set of money, then you can also kill clone, or make a farm with a clone, or make a turret helper with a clone, a money clone (Clones are regular players, but set up for an automatic farm attack and open on one server by a player on different tabs). Look for the fireworks you set up and watch his video, Chelick is also good.

Age information

  • At the age of 2, you can get one of six articles that can help you later. Swords do more damage and increase range, but the downside is slightly slower movement speed. The second tool is Ax. The ax gains resources twice as fast, with the inconvenience of having a slower attack speed. The third is the bat, which has a longer radius and larger numbers. The third is the dagger, which is two short blades with low damage, but extremely high attack speed. The fourth is Polearm, which has particularly large damage, but a very low attack speed. The fifth is a stick, very good to collect, but it has very weak damage and inflicts 1-2 building damage (a wooden wall has about 200 HP).
  • Age 3 will also provide 2 articles. Cookies and stone walls. 40 HP recovery cookie (accents) But it costs 15 foods to prepare and eat. Stone wall. Which is significantly stronger than the existing wooden walls, it costs 30 stones to create.
  • Age 4 for 2 items to choose from. It is a trap for pit and reinforced bearings. The pit trap is invisible to other players. (Excluding people from your tribe or the tribe you are in) When it intensifies, it completely prevents the player from moving. Simplify Killing While Raises Can Be Placed. And once you increase, you will grow very fast. However, this can be very dangerous if you use it correctly. How to catch up with other players. Or trap Booster Pad. (There are tips and booster pads)
  • Age 5 for 3 choices. Bigger thorns, faster windmills, mines and young trees. Large spikes deal more damage. More than regular peaks. Faster windmills increase the gold production rate. (However, these plants are somewhat more expensive) and mines. Mines can be placed anywhere. And it can be used as a stone. However, think strategically when positioning. Because once set up, it will be there forever until you disconnect from the server. So please think before you book. Play with the young plants
  • Age 6 Provides 3 tools to change the game. Which could affect the game a lot. The bow is a long-range weapon that fires arrows when in use. Each arrow costs 4 wood. Deals 25 damage regardless of range. Make sure to feed a lot of wood. Because you use 4 woods every time you shoot. Hammer is another object that you can use. Causes major damage to buildings. Make it awesome to eliminate traps and turrets. The shield is another object that you can use. Block long-range attacks completely. (Useful for bows and arrows and turrets) And greatly reduces melee damage.
  • Age 7 for 2 items is very useful at the end of the game. The turret is an immobile object that fires cannons at players and bulls. They deal 25 damage and can shoot through stones, walls and spikes. These are the most expensive items to make. Because they cost 200 wood and 150 stones. Make it the most expensive item to make. And the platform used to shoot through walls and spikes. (Useful for long range attacks) And can be used as a bridge to cross the river.
  • Age 8 provides end game weapons. Katana, crossbow and large ax. Katana is a melee weapon that does 40 damage. Also increase your range. This is an ideal weapon for people in the fray. You must have a sword to go to Katana. The crossbow is another final object. If you have a bow, it can be upgraded to Crossbow. Deals 35 damage per hit. The arrow costs 8 wood. So be sure to aim well. Or grow lots of wood. The last object is the Big Ax. Deals 35 damage. And increase the income of resources. You can grow 4 resources per battle. You must have an ax to get a large ax.
  • Age 9 provides a tool, branch of the poison. It is only available with larger spines and costs 35 wood and 15 stones. If someone touches him, he is poisoned and takes 20 damage.
  • To earn a lot of gold, you can trap Moofie using the acceleration pads and kill him continuously.
  • A good method is to choose a stick and get a lot of resources and get an energy crusher and put a pile of gold to get the gold, and get mc gold with mr taken playing playing gold or hitting the players, then buy a hat like a ninja hat, then die. Revive, choose a powerful weapon like Katana and kill the server (Hope)  *****( these are not tips, they are game information )

MooMoo io Weapons

Game strategy MooMoo io

   Here are some basic strategies to follow while playing Moomoo io. However, no perfect technique or strategy is present to win this game. Players are required to practice basic movements to start and learn the game.

What to do when chased?
Monsters are often programmed to destroy your life very quickly. So you have to escape from them or destroy them by attacking them. When you are chased by Wolf, Bully or Bull, when you have a pit trap, put it down along with some spikes. The second type when used will cause rapid damage to Bull's blood, thus killing him.

What about Bush campers?
These players can really destroy you, so try not to get close to the trees. Be aware of them! Even their names are invisible.

When can the game move quickly?
Players will only be able to reach high speeds when they use certain things. They are daggers or large axes, shadow wings (black wings) and booster hats. Using this combination, it can easily pass all animals except the charlatans.

What to do when going to AFK?
In this part of the Moomoo io 2021 game, you need to use a windmill hat. Upon return, players can access the main menu or more points (gold).

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