Fallingman.io - Winter Seasons


Fallingman.io - Winter Seasons: You must aim to be the first among 20 individuals on the first Track. In this Fallingman.io game, which comprises of three separate Trails! Remember that you are the best player, and you must defeat everyone. In the second track, do not follow the picture on the screen, but if you do, you will fall off the cliff and lose the game. Who wants to be defeated? You must be extremely cautious on the third track, taking care with each step you take since you will not be able to take another. Play with extreme caution! Complete all tracks to get Crowns! Be the game's winner! Get 18 unique levels and 6 unique titles! Take control of the Junior, Boys, Man, Father, Boss, and God titles! What are you waiting for, really?

Control: Arrow keys and Space

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