War Brokers


War Brokers is a free io game. Welcome to the deadly world of WarBrokers io. In this game you will be faced with an entire arena filled with other players from around the world determined to take up arms and destroy you. But it won't just be a gun, knife, or rocket launcher. In Waarbrokers .io you can also board tanks, jeeps, jets, helicopters and other dangerous vehicles. A sniper rifle can give you peace of mind when you hide 5 floors and try to target, but for now, consider that there might be a jet flying 5 floors above you with a rocket. Find the word warmth that appeals to you when trying to line up. a flank. Scary, it will put you on the heels: but it's Warbrokers.io It's a game that will make you a better player by playing it. Don't be fooled by the cute bit-pixel style animations. Your opponent's expressionless face may look weird and adorable until you see an AK47 pistol cutting you expressionlessly. It's correct! Warbrokers .io is a fast paced 3D first person shooter game with a focus on fun and tactical options. Players start on a level playing field with access to all weapons and vehicles. The skill and tactical choice of the player will prevail. Do you have what it takes to rise above it all and be a conquered hero or will you be trampled by a Sherman tank? You won't know it until you try it, it's half the fun.

 Platform: Web browsers and mobile devices


- W : Go forward

- S : Save

- A : Left strafe

- D : Straight strafe

- C : Crouching seesaw

- SPACE : Jump. After the first jump, you can jump two more times from the vertical surface to climb higher areas. Look for items that you can jump on to get you to higher areas.

- LEFT CTRL : Continuously running switch

- F : Get on / off the vehicle. Pick up / drop off package. Raise / lower the missile. (A message will appear saying Press F when you get close enough.)


Weapons are selected by pressing a number.

Press M to enter the main menu, where you place primary and secondary weapons.

From the Settings menu, choose Quick Help to see your weapon load while playing.

1 - Main

2 - Secondary

3 - Guns

4 - Knife

5 - Grenada. Switch between explosives and smoke grenades.

6 - Background music

7 - Air strike

R - Reload

Left mouse button - Fire

RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON - Weapon enlarge

SHIFT - Hold your breath to stabilize your range while zooming.


M - Main menu. Choose your primary and secondary weapons here, customize your character and vehicles, enable / disable graphics options (in settings), view missions and open crates.

** Zoom out zoom.

Miniaturized minimap.

N - Display the entire map from the top view.

0 - The 0 key at the top of the keyboard changes the display of frames per second (FPS).

RIGHT SHIFT & 9 - Toggle the weapon screen on / off to take screenshots.
RIGHT SHIFT & 8 - Toggle screen HUD on / off for taking screenshots.


Spread out on your way down to become a harder target for the opponent.

The default spawn option will immediately appear on the ground in your spawning area. The advantage is that you will
invulnerable for 10 seconds.

The color of the player's health bar is purple when in an impregnable state.

W - Slide forward at medium speed while falling.

S - Slows you down and quickly sets you up.

R - The strafes you left behind.

D - Are you right.

Mouse - Use mouse to control your tower.


W - Climb

A - Turn left (yawn left)

S - Go down

D - Rotate right (yawn right)

C - Switch between third person and first person view

Q - Launch 1 flare to avoid being hit by flying missiles. Reload time is 45 seconds and you have 3 flares.

Mouse over - Raise your nose. (This can be reversed in settings.)

Mouse down - Tilt your nose down. (This can be reversed in settings)

Left mouse - Roll the helicopter to the left

Right mouse - Roll the helicopter to the right

Left click - Rocket / machine gun fire

Right click - Hold to zoom


W- Increase speed

S - Decrease speed

A - Left rotation (left yaw)

D - Right rotation (right yaw)

C - Toggle third and first person views

Q - Flares. Launch flares to help you avoid getting hit by a homing missile. You have three flares. The reload time is 45 seconds.

R - Reload weapons

Mouse Forward - Tilt your nose down. (Can reverse this in settings.)

Mouse Back - Raise your nose. (Can reverse this in settings.)

Mouse Left - Roll the jet to the left.

Mouse Right - Roll the jet to the right.

Left Mouse Click - Fire the selected missiles / rockets / weapons

1 - Air-to-ground rockets.

2 - Air-to-air homing missiles. Aim at the target and shoot when a lock is acquired.

3 - 20 mm barrel.

Gameplay Tip - In the Settings menu, adjust the Jet sensitivity slider so you can spin quickly. For the quickest turns, roll the jet 90 degrees, then lower the mouse to raise the nose. This is a much better method than using A / D as the primary method to spin the jet.


F - Plane escapes and free fall.

W - Dive faster in free fall.

S - Reduce the free fall speed and return to the original position.

A - Ropes that you let down slightly.

D - You slightly to the right when in free fall.

Mouse - Control your turn.

F - Open your parachute. If F is not in a hurry, the parachute will automatically open before you hit the ground.

W - Slide the parachute forward without falling.

S - Move your parachute and go straight down.

A / D - Turn left or right.

Mouse - Look around to see where others are parachuting.

N - Show the entire map from the top view.

F - Press F to pick up items on the ground.

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