Gloom: Gargoyle

Gloom: Gargoyle is a mystical, single-player, third-person viewpoint game. The game is the first act of the game "Gloom," and it takes place in three lovely and fascinating settings. Use magical powers for walkthroughs, such as a flaming aura that absorbs your manna and lights the space around you, an aura of time, which accelerates up the game time so you may travel quicker, and an aura of magic, which eats your life force to refill mana reserves. To advance in the game, you must explore two mystical dungeons in search of divine items.


- WASD keys to move
- Shift to walk
- Space to jump
- Left mouse to interact
- Key 1: fiery aura
- Key 2: the aura of time
- Key 3: aura of magic

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