The Cargo

The Cargo is a 2D cargo loading and truck delivery game with upgrade options that may be purchased.
The Cargo is an HTML5 game. The initial task is to operate a crane and put all items into the vehicle. When all of the goods have been loaded onto the truck, you are ready to drive it to the target warehouse. Deliver at least 80% of the load to the destination to properly complete the mission. Earn money by transporting items and upgrading your vehicle at the garage. You may even drive already completed stages to get additional money. Drive quickly to collect points and unlock achievements. Have fun playing The Cargo, a cargo loading and delivery simulation game.


- Crane Controls:
W/up arrow key to raise the hook
S/ down arrow key: lower the hook
AD/left and right arrow keys to move
Space to attach/detach cargo

- Truck Controls:
W/ up arrow key to accelerate
S/ down arrow key to reverse
A/left arrow key to lean backward
D/ right arrow key to lean forward 

The Cargo's video walkthrough:

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