Gang Fall Party

Gang Fall Party
Gang Fall Party: Get ready with the game of the gang Fall Party for a fun online combat game! All the battles will be high, and your sole objective in this game is for your opponents to fall from the locations with which you struggle. In single-player mode, or in two-player mode, you may play the game. You may battle a buddy in-game style 1vs1 and you can fight with your pals in two-player mode against a number of online opponents in V's All game mode. In 1P gaming mode, you may combat buddies online. You're going to battle 16 or 17 people in every online game.


- Player 1: WASD keys to move, C key to run, V key to punch
- Player 2: Arrow keys to move, O key to run, P key to punch

Gang Fall Party's video walkthrough

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