rollem-io -  If you enjoy animals and in particular those tiny ones, called Hamsters, that are like small loving furballs, you'll adore the protagonists of this online multiplayer game.

Cute hamsters, unforgettable environments and skill-based controls blend to make the most of the bio games. Get ready to go on an adventure that you've never seen before as your hamster is up and you'll unlock new things to make yourself unique!



- WASD or Arrow keys to move
- Space to jump
- Enter to chat

  Rollem io is the fast-paced hamster racing game for the globe online multiplayer, competes against people from all around the world and trying to bat the fastest record on every course! Have the golden coins been noticed? Be careful to gather as much as you can since you may unlock skins and trails in our game shop to create an unparalleled look for your hamster, as certain skins and tracks are rare and exclusive.

  Be sure to swing hammers, since they're going to take you out of your route so that you fall and need to restart the spawning region, and utilize fans and springs to reach higher levels where there can be more golden coins or the aim of the game. You have to keep an eye on where you are, as there might be holes and another sort of hurdles to prevent you from completing the level, from springing, from escape and from going extremely quickly as you walk through it, while you see other people falling from the sky, it's a great experience!

Rollemio may be played on your browser, PC or mobile device, otherwise, you may miss a fantastic gaming experience. I will not be looking for more, enter your new nice hamster, compete online with him and other gamers, and most importantly; enjoy!'s video walkthrough:

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