SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE‏ - Samurai II is sending Daisuke to the war-scorched countryside to seek retribution. The samurai will stop at nothing to pursue his arch-enemy Orochi, from a maritime town to a flying castle to the mythical Isle of the Dead. Is he going to have his revenge? Samurai's long-awaited sequel: Warrior's way! Along with the Originals, Samurai II provides more action and a simple new control system for its stylish manga visuals and fast, violent Gameplay. Samurai II is a real successor, helped by a concentrated development spanning a year. Samurai II is on a level with the 3D console brawler overall production qualities and violent action. The slide motion has to be viewed at 60 frames per second. Screenshots do not do credit for Samurai II. But you don't look alone — fan comments and enhanced gameplay have been received from developers throughout. Samurai II is a completely new experience for hack's gamers on the fly with a new virtual d-pad, dynamic camera, environmental puzzles, traps, and ferocious new adversaries.


- Arrow keys to move
- Z key to punch
- X key to kick
- C key to defense
- Space to jump

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