Mad Out Los Angeles


Mad Out Los Angeles is a 3D action game in Los Angeles. Play in LA like a mobster. GTA Series is the inspiration for the game. You can drive automobiles, you can shoot a lot of guns. While you're on a quest, the police will chase you. Gain and respect for money. Play your browser free of charge.

You're prepared for the new adventure? You may follow the plot and perform all the missions in one big metropolis or you can have independence. Chaos can be made and cops taunt. You can attempt to abide by regulations and become a perfect citizen. It's your tale, it's your responsibility. Explore every automobile and weapon. The game is full of many kinds and models. What's your favorite one? Start playing and get boss right now.



- WASD keys to move
- Mouse to shoot
- E key to interact
- Space to jump

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