Rebel Forces


Rebel Forces is a first-person, action-packed shooting game in which you put the boots on the battlefield as an ultimate soldier. You may play online or alone in campaign mode in this game. Choose anything you choose, and blast down hostiles on your route. The campaign mode is made up of tasks in which opposing forces must have a military base deeply deployed. You will earn money to buy upgraded weapons and equipment. You may combat opponents from across the globe through online mode.



- WASD/arrow keys to move
- Left mouse to shoot
- Right mouse to aim
- R key to reload
- Mouse wheel to cycle through weapons
- Space to jump
- F key to pick up a weapon
- Tab to toggle pause menu
- T key to chat


— Six maps: 2 of which are mountain-hidden rebel military strongholds 
— Three game modes: the death game, the death team game and the DOOM.
— Extraordinary setting for single players and multiplayer: double speed, double leap, and double HP
— Shop for weapons and armors at low rates

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