Warfare Classic

Warfare Classic is a first-person 3D multiplayer shooter with an FSP extremely fast, real-time, matching of up to 10 players! Feel your buddies and genuine FPS, explore different weapons to offer you a thrill. Warfare Classic offers several unique styles of play and no plugin installation is necessary.


- WASD keys to move
- Space to jump
- Left mouse to fire
- Right mouse to zoom
- R key to reload
- G key to drop the weapon
- F key to get dropped weapon
- 1~4 to switch weapon
- 5 to switch to C4
- E key to setup C4

Game Modes:

— All-out War: Win 5 to 13 rounds more rounds than the other squad.
— Special match: Win with specific arms only.
— Bombing Mission: Complete your objective or destroy your adversary by working with your squad.
— Team Deathmatch: Battle the opposing team in a short period of time.
— Boss Raid: Four gamers cooperate to combat dangerous zombies.

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