Derby Crash 2

Derby Crash 2 is an incredible three-dimensional driving game. You'll also appreciate this fantastic sequel if you loved the first Derby crash. In Spiel 2: you are jumping into a host of new demolishing automobiles and monster trucks in the wide world for devastation and disaster.


Driving Controls
- WASD or arrow keys to drive
- Space to handbrake
- C key to change vehicle camera
- Enter to reset vehicles
- R key to repair vehicles

Terraform Controls
- WASD keys to  move camera
- Hold left mouse + mouse axis to rotate camera
- Hold left mouse to drag terraformer shape
- 1 to 5 keys to modify terrain

  Instead, you may traverse huge deserts and explore the destruction of derbians. You are not only racing courses. The 3D graphics on this title are excellent as far as automotive games are concerned - you're captivated by the beautiful sceneries.

  The numerous cars you may pick make this title so much fun. A destruction-themed game naturally features spectacular cars in which to leap. A selection of gorgeous sports vehicles can be driven. You can even leap inside an enormous combat tank. The tank features a functioning tower and a gun that may sweep away your foes in destructive hail.

  Derby Crash 2 improves on what made the previous game exciting and adds additional elements like the multiplayer action for two players. Do not forget to wipe out the greatest amount of devastation and try to pull up enemy drivers.

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