Wings Rush


Wings Rush - Fly over the clouds and attempt to prevent obstructions, Jump, roll, fly and fly as far as possible To unlock new characters, collect rings. Manage a running hedgehog or a companion of his. Guide the hero through several unique paths and score the best in PokaGames!

We will need to manage the sound at the first level, and we will have to leap across the green lowlands (GREEN HILL).

The game has a couple of foes, from crabs to bees, that are going to assault us, to make us lose. On the second level, Dr. Eggman is going to attack us with a missile robot, which is going straight at us, so we must escape his missiles while avoiding spikes and dropping into lava, and on the three-level, we are going to Cloud SKY, a valley in which we continue to expect bees, crab, and fish.

— Left-click or screen touch to jump
— Collect all the gold rings to open new characters such as Such and 3 more.
— When the three major levels are completed, we repeat before we die and restart.

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