Blocky Warrior

Blocky Warrior's a fighting game that is addictive. Play it free of charge in your browser straight on PokaGames. Blocky Warrior may be played unblocked. The game is HTML5-built to operate in contemporary browsers without any problems. It offers thorough mouse and keyboard controls to start you. It's very easy to observe how the game is played. You should also test more war games such as Stickman Clans and if you love Blocky Warrior.

Control: Drag the mouse to choose the matching blocks. You may also choose blocks that diagonally affect each other!

  It's a hard puzzle fighting game for Blocky Warrior. You are an intimidated warrior, facing innumerable adversaries. Match the action with three or more blocks. You will experience points with each successful match. The more blocks your match is, the more you get. You need to XP up and strengthen. Conduct action to reset the attack bar of the adversary rapidly. The talents shown below may also be used. It is advised that you first level up a little by taking nonlethal measures before you move to the next level!

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