EvoWarriors is a no-download 2D fantasy online. Eat steaks, cheese, milk, and everything else you can find to increase in size when you are young, but avoid amanita because it limits your experience and makes you bigger! Attack weaker enemies to increase the chances of survival. You can either sprint away from big enemies to avoid being killed with a single swat of their strong sword, or you can contribute your experience to the opponent. However, you would not be able to run for an extended period of time and running reduces your experience.

 Control: Use mouse to play

Will you be able to reach level 16 and become the best and greatest player in the game? Hint: if you uninstall your ad blocker, you'll get an extra 20% of the experience! One of the most powerful attack strategies is to face the opponent from the left side so that it is to the right and from your sword, then attack first! EvoWarriors will keep you entertained and entertained!

The game has 16 levels:

1.Knight lvl 1
2.Knight lvl 2
3.Knight lvl 3
4.Assassin lvl 1
5.Assassin lvl 2
6.Dwarf lvl 1
7.Dwarf lvl 2
8.Dwarf lvl 3
9.Skeleton lvl 1
10.Skeleton lvl 2
11.Skeleton lvl 3
12.Golem lvl 1
13.Golem lvl 2
14.Orc lvl 1
15.Orc lvl 2
16.Orc lvl 3

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