Voos.io is a multiplayer shooter with weapon enhancements. Play as a mafia tasked with assassinating the target. The 24 Mafia will be available for us to play in this session. The game's aim is to destroy other people.

Shooting ability is put to the test! assemble your pals To start a family, play three PvP battles, and purchase additional characters and weapons that are exclusive to you. The strength of your character determines the quality of your life in the mafia. Using ferocious guns to become a godfather Discover the enthralling tale of Mafia City. You can make money by smashing different structures. Mafia gangster, you are now a hidden target shooter, and you must shoot the mafia, clear the mad city of mafia warriors, and complete the great city robbery plan.


—Use the mouse to fire the shot.
—To move, use WASD.
—To purchase Mafia, use keys 1-9.

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