Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire


Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire is a fantastic tower and castle defense game! To escape the monsters' onslaught, strengthen the defences and employ an effective strategy.

Forge gears and create an empire from the ground up with tactics. Join the amazing journey and build your castle from the ground up into a massive fortress. In this survival strategy game, you must build towers and establish legends. For whatever excuse, an infinite swarm of monsters wishes to wreck your fortress. With heroes, walls, and superior tactics, you can prepare your defences and smash your opponents. Begin with a small band of heroes and gradually turn your small town into a mighty castle.


Control: To connect, use the left mouse button.


— A matching game for castle fans 
— On the leaderboard, you can compete with other castle owners. 
 You can even advance by waves when you're idle. 
 There are over 10,000 waves of predators to fight against 
— Over 60 different hero classes, each with their own range of abilities 
— More than 20 treasures that boost your defenses in various ways 
— Hire miners to mine gold safely inside your castle so that you can expand your castle and unlock more heroes to form the ultimate squad!

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