Rooftop Snipers


Rooftop Snipers is a frantic two-button sniper game for two players. Play with a pal or train against the machine in this rage-inducing action game that is comparable in design and gameplay to smash classics like Soccer Physics and Wrestle Jump! It's one of our many fantastic two-player games that you can enjoy with a friend!

Getaway Shootout is a game similar to Rooftop Snipers. It's a fantastic new 2-player game from the same creator as Rooftop Snipers.



Player 1 Controls
- W key to jump
- E key to shoot

Player 2 Controls
- I key to jump
- O key  to shoot


—Very loud music 
—One and two player modes 
—Many diverse worlds and costumes

Jump to avoid being hit, hold the button to lift your arm, and let go to fire. The objective of this game is to knock your opponent off the platform. The player who hits 5 first wins the game.

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