Fox Simulator 3D


Fox Simulator 3D is a fantastic gameplay game in which you can play a stunning 3D fox! You are free to wander the island and explore to your heart's content. However, you must strive to complete numerous tasks, gather food, and build up your stamina.

You can help farmers, search for wild animals for food, and even start a fox family! Find a friend and start a fox family. You can customize and adjust the look of your foxes, as well as upgrade your stats such as attack strength and fitness. This game has a lot of replay value and will keep you occupied for hours - can you raise a strong fox and live on the island?



WASD or arrow keys for movement 
Left click for attack 
Space bar for jumping 
Shift for running


—Large island to discover 
—Many wild animals and humans to attack 
—Various missions to complete around the island 
—Make your own fox family 
— Improve your family members and personalize your look

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