Short Life 2

GameTornado's Short Life 2 is a mercilessly bloody ragdoll game. It's the follow-up to the hugely successful Short Life game. In the video, players guide their character through dangerous challenges in order to escape a spectacularly gory and excruciating death.


Right and left arrow keys or AD to switch 
Up arrow to hop or stand up 
Down arrow or S key to crouch 
R key to restart 
Space bar to confirm restart (after game over)

How to play: Control your ragdoll character through 20 degrees of carnage like a puppeteer. Timing and reflexes are critical, but you must still maneuver with caution to prevent deadly surprises.


—A lot of gore and dismemberment 
—A lot of challenges and imaginative ways to perish 
—Unlockable characters 
—There are 20 dangerous stages to master.


- Play with caution to stop surprises.
- Collect stars to gain access to new characters.
- Timing the jumps and crouching should be precise.

Dangerous Obstacles

In Short Life 2, there are several inventive ways to perish. Spikes to the chest, grenades, or being crushed by a massive hand. Each stage has a fresh and enjoyable way to be decimated.

This, though, is not the goal of the game. To escape many of the deadly pitfalls, you must carefully manage your ragdoll character of choice with pin-point precision


Stars are provided depending on how well you do. . Being hurt lowers the ranking. Complete the standard flawlessly to receive three stars.

On each floor, you'll also see tiny stars strewn around in difficult-to-reach spots. Collect these stars to gain access to new characters in which to cause damage.

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