Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 is a genetically engineered duck racing game which develops as you advance. Choose from one of four races of duck and change when each league is over. As in the previous game, preparation is essential to develop your skills and skills.


—Controls for running: Press the flip to spring.
—Flight controls: Press up and down to adjust the direction of flight.
—Swimming controls: press up the jumping arrow and down the diving arrow. To switch right and right, use the left and right arrows.
—Climbing controls: Press left and right arrows to swipe across the canyon faces.

How to play:

You begin by training the core skills of your duck in playing Duck Life 3. There are abilities to race, ride, climb and swim. Before entering a race you need to train these abilities, because it is a crucial part of the game. You sit back and see the performance of your duck when you are ready to race!

Training is also important to currency acquisition, and it is the currency which will help you to advance. Collect as many coins as possible and buy duck feed to boost your resources.

How new is Duck Life 3?

Duck Life 3 is enhanced by four simple ducks who have different statistics and grow in a league on Duck Life 2. The various esthetics of each league, along with a new selection of training facilities.

The first game will be played by three leagues at various places. Everyone is divided into qualifications and finals. The races are held on a farm in the novice league. This is perhaps a farm where the genetically engineered ducks were invented by a fisherman. In London the advanced league is created, while Easter Island is the main venue. As you advance through these ligas, you will find the standard of preparation more difficult.

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