Burger Challenge


Burger Challenge: Are burger lovers here? Are burger lovers here? Try to take different burgers in front of your mate! The spinning burgers must be picked up by the center section. The game won first to take 5 burgers on the spinning tray. Also, make sure that the random number of -1 and +1 on a tray is determined by these numbers in + or +.

In single against AI or in multiplayer mode, you may play Burger Challenge. On the keyboard, you can utilize Touchscreen or "W" – "Up Arrow." Start the challenge! Let's start the challenge!


Control: Player 1: W key or touch; Player 2: Up arrow key or touch


— Options: 1 Player and 2Player.
— Fun visuals, sounds, and noises.
— Suitable for tablets, smartphones, and PC. Support on all platforms

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