ZoneRoyale is an epic multiplayer io game inspired by the massively successful Zombs Royale and Build Royale. This title takes a different approach to the top-down io shooter genre and offers fantastic battle royale gameplay. You begin with no guns and must walk across the map in search of one.

You should equip yourself with a shotgun, machine gun, handgun, and rocket launcher. When you play, the danger zone shrinks and shrinks - you better stay out of it or you will lose health and die! Attempt to exclude as many other teams as possible in order to be the only one standing!


—Use the mouse to drive the character 
—Fire with the left mouse button or space bar 
—Sprint with the right mouse button or W key
Q key to swap weapons 
F key to drop arm


—2D graphics with a top-down perspective 
—Various weapons, like a flame thrower 
—You can hold two weapons at once 
—Power-ups spread across the map

Strategy: In either case, Push all of the map to find weapons, armor, and powers up, then try to get to the safe zone as soon as possible. In ZoneRoyale, try out various tactics and choose the most successful one. ZoneRoyale io can be played alone, with friends, or with players from all around the world online. Edition that has been unlocked and is completely available with no lags.

  ZoneRoyale. io is an MMO 2D shooter io game in which you fight emojis. Hello and welcome to Zone Royale! In the zone, an online multiplayer game where you customize your emoji's weapons and head off into a winner-take-all survival Battle Royale! The Zone Royale .io is a multiplayer version of games like PUBG or Fortnite, only you're up against other pacman-faced emoji monsters and their weapons. Discover guns that can be upgraded, then use them to hunt down other players and rule the zone! The Zone Royale is a multi-player masterpiece that allows you to track down and eliminate other players. You must struggle to live until you are the only one left standing. Please grant us a 5-star rating if you like what you see!

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