BombHopper-io is a free puzzle platformer with physics. In Bombhopper, you'll blow yourself up with your grenade launcher. Use the cursor to assess the proper arc for your blast, then fire it to try to drive yourself over the finish line. You'll have to go up, down, across, and even through walls at times. Just make sure you don't blast yourself off the bridge and that you arrive at the finish line before your ammunition runs out. There is no way to reload, but you can skip a few steps by seeing an ad in between them. It's a reasonable trade-off, but you won't hesitate to make it because the game is so entertaining and addictive. where you pass by shooting bombs The aim is to blast your way through the door with the blasts of your missiles! Get to the door as quickly as you can to collect all three stars per rank. takes place in a neon-lit setting reminiscent of the 1980s. BombHopper .io incorporates groundbreaking gameplay built on a cool explosion mechanic (who doesn't love explosions?) with exciting puzzles that will make you feel intelligent! New stages are always being introduced, so you'll never be bored!



—Throw with the left mouse button 
—Restart with R key

Forms of blocks:

—Natural, you can stand on it and it does nothing special 
—Ice, you can slip on them 
—Crumbly, be careful, they don't withstand explosions 
—Bouncers, they're like trampolines 
—Lava, don't hit those if you want to live

   Hoppi is the name of the character, a cute little square lost in a frozen neon landscape. Hoppi is curious as to what they are doing here, but with your assistance, they can discover why they are stuck in this world.

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