Puble-io is a new multiplayer .iogame that allows you to steer a boat in a bubble around the arena, looking for food orbs and destroying opponents. With its innovative gameplay, impressive visuals, and fun features, this Multiplayer game will undoubtedly keep you occupied for hours.


—Jump with your mouse 
Left click to hook 
Right click to increase speed

How to play:

When you spawn into the playfield, you'll start by carefully managing your bubble boat and trying to make the bubble bigger by consuming a lot of spawning orbs. Your boat is outfitted with a lethal hook that you can use to destroy your enemies. When you come across an opponent, throw the hook at him easily and accurately; he will die and leave a large amount of mass that can be swallowed. The more mass you consume, the bigger your bubble becomes. This will assist you in moving up the leaderboard. You can increase your pace if you like, but make sure you've already gained a lot of mass. Keep an eye on your surroundings when you're out and about looking for snacks. Avoid other opponents' hooks, cover yourself, and attempt to take the lead.


You can use the mouse to navigate your boat around the arena in the game. Simply press the left mouse button to hook your opponents. To accelerate it, simply press the right mouse button, which will reduce some of the mass you have gained. is a fast-paced multiplayer bubble boat fighting game that rewards precision and quick thinking. You steer a boat within a bubble, and you must force the bubble to drive across the arena. You must hook other players' boats in order to destroy them; it only takes one hook to kill them, but the same is true for you! Collect orbs scattered across the map to expand the size of your bubble and hook. A larger bubble means greater maneuvering abilities, and a larger hook means it is easier to hook opponents. If you are the top player, your position will be shown on the map. When this occurs, more players are likely to flock to your place in an attempt to take you down. Demonstrate that your hook is the most powerful of all!

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