Cocky-io is an online io game in which you must demonstrate your combat abilities and be as bold as you like when dominating your enemies in the arena. You step through the arena wielding a massive sword that resembles a long sausage... Yeah, you read that correctly!

Until entering the arena, you can customize your character and sausage by selecting various attributes such as hair style and skin tone. When you reach the arena, the controls are simple: use the mouse to control your character's directional orientation, and the left mouse button to perform a dash. Attempt to exclude as many rivals as possible in order to reign as the arrogant winner!


Control: Switch the mouse to monitor the character's speed, and dash with the left mouse button.


- It is simple to play.
- Your weapon's lifespan can be extended.
- You will run to pursue or flee other teams.
- Get bonus points for eliminating enemies in a short amount of time or stabbing an enemy from behind.
- The portrayal of the character can be changed.


-Eat food to develop your arms; the larger the weapon, the stronger!
-Use your knife to stab other players, killing them and stealing their food.
-Run away from those with larger bananas. Take care of your a... um... your back.

  Cocky .io is an online arena game in which your arm is a sausage, salami, wurst, pike, or whatever you want to call it! Yeahhhhh, this is the way to do it! =3 Keep it close between your thighs! Please be brutal while pricking your adversaries! For bonus points, rekt people from behind! Get to the brink, brag about it, show the world your awesome pole... yeahhh do it and be cocky, boy! Customize your player face... and by skin, we mean human skin, yeaaahhh it's a multicultural game, you can be black, purple, a little tanned, whatever you want! (You can even change the style and colour of your hair, so who cares?) Our revolutionary faster-than-light-speed (FTLS) technology ensures a lag-free experience! Yeah, the network won't be a problem, man! A lighthearted game that is anything but intense... Have a good time!

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