Micro Golf Masters

In Micro Golf Masters, you compete against other golfers from all over the world. Your aim is to outscore your opponents, but keep an eye out for obstacles along the way, especially the various directional arrows. Purchase updates and balls to give yourself an edge over other teams. Have a good time!

 Control:  Shoot by dragging the mouse and adjusting the power and accuracy. When you're done, simply release the left mouse button. Keep an eye out for pitfalls, be quicker than your rivals, and use boosters. There will be no holds barred!


—Multiplayer mini golf game 
—Up to 4 teams in a match 
—Many courses to choose from 
—A level system to gain access to more features
—Cards to help you do better 
—To use, new balls with a different status.


- To customize your gameplay, win and earn new balls, then update them.
- Collect power ups and prizes to further your abilities.
- To win awesome rewards and everlasting fame, take on the regular solo challenges or race in the weekly leaderboards and tournaments.
- Play 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 games. Experience the drama of knockout competitions for eight players. Take part in exclusive free-for-all competitions open to the whole world every hour on the hour.
- Simple to learn, difficult to master! Micro Golf Masters is the right game for you if you want to chill and have fun with a great pvp game.

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