Biters-io is an arena-style game in which you can compete against other online players to be the last one standing. In this case, when we say guy, we mean cute little monsters! Attack everyone with your little beast to become the scariest monster in the world!

You will begin with a small cute monster and will need to eat other monsters to become larger and conquer the game arena in order to become invincible. There are sweets to eat that will replenish your health, and water to drink that will replenish your endurance. Best wishes!


 Control: Control your character with the mouse and bite your enemies with the space bar or the left click of the mouse. Dash and bite can be performed by right-clicking the mouse or pressing W. Drink water to replenish your endurance for sprinting.

Strategy: To win, you must bite as many players as possible. Fly away from the enemies in a dash. Whenever you like, drink water to dash.


—.io fighting game in which we play as a beast
—A fun game mechanism that allows you to eat other monsters 
—Smooth animations and controls
—Collectible items that can be used to access more characters is a funny-themed io game in which the aim is to bite and eat your way to victory. Check out Clown Games' brand new game with a special theme! Bite the opponents to beat them! Eat cookies to help you rise and heal! Don't get thirsty when fleeing your foes! Can you become the most ferocious biter?

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