DatTank.io is a fantastic multiplayer tank combat game. In this game, you are in command of your very own war tank. One of the game modes is team-based, and you must cooperate with your teammates to defeat the enemy.

Your tank has thick armor and a devastating cannon; however, you can improve it with better weapons and defenses. Move through the map, paying attention to the surroundings at all times. Will you rule the battlefield and build the ultimate war tank?



—Using the arrow keys or AWSD, switch the tank around.
—Hold Space or the mouse button to fire. 
—Health and Ammunition can be replenished by driving over HP/Ammo sets.
—Raise your tank's level by accumulating more points and improving your tank's speed, gun control, armor, and so on.


—Four groups
—In-battle tank control that can be upgraded 
—Buyable new pieces to configure the tank 
—Cannons that can be collected across the map
   DatTank io game is a free online browser game in which you build your own tank, compete in the arena against other players, boost your abilities, and collect coins and levels to upgrade your tank. When you first reach the arena, you are assigned to one of four colored squads. The goal is to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible while increasing your score to become the leader! There are health and ammunition packs scattered across the world, so if you take any damage after a battle, you can replenish your supplies and prepare for the next encounter. Don't hesitate to keep the cannon from overheating, or you'll have to wait a while before firing again, which might cost you a life! Unlock new cannons, hulls, armor, and engines to remind everybody who's boss.

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