Senpa-io is a great cooperative game inspired by the massively popular The gameplay is similar in that you must run around the arena to attempt to become the largest cell!

To rise, you must collect the masses dispersed on the earth. As you evolve, you will be able to attack and devour other cells! This game includes a plethora of game modes as well as several upgrade options.



—Monitor the flow with your mouse 
W to fire masses 
Space bar to break

How to play: Switch around the globe with your mouse, split with room, feed with W, double split with Q, and split in maximum parts with T. Any of these controls can be changed at any time in the "Controls pannel." It is located to the right of the main panel.


—Playing with cells 
— There are already five game modes, with more on the way: Free for All, Dual, Instant Merge, No Virus, and Mega Split are all options.
—Skin that can be customized 
—Adjustable settings to customize the game's appearance 
—Chat system
—The game employs original code that was written from the ground up. It is playable in fullscreen mode.


There are four different game modes to choose from: FFA, Dual, MegaSplit, and Instant.

- FFA: In FFA, you cannot team with others or the anti-team system would be enabled.
- MegaSplit: On this server, you can break into 64 bits, as well as eat faster and perform solo tricks! You should team up with your mates in this gamemode!
- Instant: This gamemode is already well-known; here, you can combine even quicker than in other gamemodes; you can band, but most players play alone.
- Dual mode: Press TAB to spawn your second cell, allowing you to partner up with yourself using two cells.

  Senpa .io is a super exciting battle royale game in which you compete against a large number of other online players in a game that will put your abilities and tactical knowledge to the test. You can begin with a small cell and must rapidly consume the smaller randomly generated cells that are located around the map in order to increase in size; it is similar to in design and is created by the same creator, but it has a lot of extra cool features!

You have the ability to absorb something less than yourself, even other players! This, though, implies that you, too, will be swallowed! As an additional feature, you can break into several smaller cells to cover more map space. Find the other players and form the largest cell possible. Have a good time!

  Senpa io is a game in which you must eat other players that are smaller than you while fleeing from the larger ones! You can gain experience by consuming other players and food found on the field. In both of the game modes, you can play individually or with friends. Will you be able to make it to the top?

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