Escap-io is an addicting online escape game in which you must hit the red flag at the end of each stage. You are a small character who must overcome challenges and dangerous elements in order to reach your destination. The thing is that you won't be able to get there alone; each game will have up to 32 players, and you'll have to either take advantage of others or sacrifice yourself for the common good.

There are several holes and ledges that cannot be leapt over or scaled without the assistance of another player acting as a ledge to leap off of. Decide if you will risk yourself by leaping to your death so that others can use your body as a platform, or whether you will take advantage of others! Best wishes!


—Move with AD or the left/right arrows. 
—Jump with W key or the up arrow. 
—Reset the spot with R key


—Each level has a unique difficulty 
—There are several levels of play
—Gameplay dependent on physics
—A room will hold up to 32 players.
—Many dangerous things that will immediately kill you

Strategy: Escap io is a squad escape game in which teams must work together to solve challenges in order to reach the flag. To solve mysteries, you must function as a team. Often the answers aren't as clear as they are.

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