Leevz.io is a free online survival game. This is a game about plants competing against each other and upgrading to become the strongest!

Choose between three different plants from a variety of groups and level up to become a more strong plant!



—Using WASD to move and the mouse to shoot.
—Primary: left click 
—Secondary: right click or R
—Special talent: E
—Main auto-fire ability: T
—Spin on Auto: Y

How to play:

  When you first start the game, you can choose between a pansy (ranged), a rose (melee), or a mushroom (magic).

-PANSY- Directly hit the enemies with seeds!
-ROSE- You can pierce something with your military-grade thorns!
-MUSHROOM- Surprise your foes with a poisonous splash!

  XP can be gained by destroying other players or farming water drops, sunrays, fertilizers, and insects.
When you level up, you can upgrade to a new herb, all the way up to a giant tree!
Every plant has unique abilities that distinguish them from one another and improve combat.

Leevz io is a plant-themed multiplayer game. Choose your favorite plant and rise to the top!

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