World of Karts

World of Karts is a lighthearted multiplayer kart game in which you can drive and fight your mates while also customizing your kart with pedals, stickers, and even cool hats.


Arrow keys for rotation 
Shift for drifting 
Z for object use

In the configuration menu, you can re-bind all of the controls mentioned above.

  In World of Karts, you can take the wheel of a cute, cartoony kart and compete against players from all over the world. There are two modes of play in this game: racing and time trials. In race mode, you must keep on course to outrun the other players while picking up objects and unleashing them with zeal. In time trial, you compete against your ghost to see how far you can go. Pick up objects such as cupcakes to fire at your opponents, time bombs to take them down, and eggs to drop behind you so they might trip on. Fun, lighthearted kart game in which you can compete against your friends and customize your own kart with new wheels, stickers, and even cool hats. Real online kart game that you can play anywhere and whenever you want.

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