Mazmorra is an online dungeon crawling point-and-click game. Level up your character to become the most powerful of your peers!


—(Inventory) Left click to switch or target enemies 
—(Inventory) Right click to drink potions 
—(Inventory) Right click to swap fitted products 
—(Trade) Use the right mouse button to buy or sell an item.

How to play:

—You begin the game at The Castle, a secure location where you can hang out with friends, recharge your HP, and buy or sell things.
—Crawl dungeons to reach the next level's gate.
—Kill monsters to gain experience points that will allow you to level up.
—Explore and unlock chests to obtain rare and magical items.


You begin the game by selecting your hero's skin and primary attribute. The primary trait determines how much harm your hero deals. Your primary damage attribute will be affected by the arm you're using.

- Melee weapons: strength 
- Bows and crossbows: agility 
- Personnel: security

Find the right pieces for your character and defeat all of the game's bosses!

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