Twix-io is a fantastic io game that is close to the well-known Agario multiplayer game. In this game, you must manipulate a massive ball that rotates around an axis and your square – you must swing the ball to smash the other players in the ring. To expand the size of your ball, gather the scattering gems on the arena floor.

The size of your knocking ball grows in proportion to the number of gems you pick. When the size of your ball increases, so does your rotation area, so you must be careful how you pass. Try to eliminate every other team to build the world's biggest wrecking ball!

Control: To switch, use the WASD or arrow keys. To manipulate the ball, move your mouse.


—Basic colors and templates in a game
—Simple gameplay; just wave or pass the ball around to reach enemies. 
—Collectible squares to increase the size of your ball. is a multiplayer arena io game in which the primary weapon is a ball on a chain. Enter the ring and swing the ball around to smash other players! Smash your enemies, loot their squares, and rise your ball to be the biggest!

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