Clashblade-io is a fighting arena where warriors compete with blades to become the best fighter in ClashBlade .io. Chop them all with your blade. Have fun and tell your mates about it! Collect coins and choose one of two game modes: Rank battles or Endless wars. Fighters compete for first spot on the leaderboard in Rank Wars. Endless Wars is a survival game in which the aim is to live as long as possible. In both scenarios, though, you must gather colored dots to update your warrior. The longer your fighter's blade, the better it is to beat other competitors.

How to Play ClashBladeio

- There are two modes in ClashBlade io
+ Rank mode: This is the rank battle mode. You can compete with 50 other players and have 90 seconds to play in one space. If you cross the top 1,2,3, you can receive coins and experience. 
+ Endless mode: This is a game for entertainment purposes, and you will be up against hundreds of other players from around the world. You would not get coin or experience if you play for enjoyment.

- It is best to gather orbs while you are at a low level. 
- When you advance in level, your movement becomes slower yet your blade becomes larger. Make the most of your abilities to obtain a good core score.

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